Colorado Community


For Colorado professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses who…
… are experienced with or aspire to connect with a national, international and/or multicultural market
… value customized solutions and fresh perspectives over templated, cookie-cutter conventions
… seek genuine, quality relationships based on mutual support and respectful understanding
… are fueled by a passion to help others 

Colorado businesses that service clients and customers beyond our box-shaped borders face different challenges from those who target our local and small-niche communities. Likewise, alternative businesses that don’t fit traditional molds and templates can face similar types of obstacles for how to be understood and positioned in the competitive market. 

We believe that quality relationships anchor the foundation of success. In order for Colorado-bred businesses to effectively compete with the coasts and beyond, we as a community benefit by coming together to support one another and maximize our collective resources. Unlike so many local enterprises merely fueled by ambition and enthusiasm, we target our focus on high-level, quality execution that achieves impactful results. 

Our events focus on facilitated roundtable networking, small-group masterminding, as well as educational and inspirational talks, discussions and strategic workshops. 

We welcome professionals of any industry who strive for excellence at the highest level, conduct and attract business beyond conventional borders and thrive when venturing out of the box. 


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Praise from attendees:

“Refreshingly, this is NOT your typical meetup! It was my first meeting with this group, and I was happy with how productive we were and how well we meshed as individuals. We were diverse in age and background, yet all interesting, high in intention, intelligence and consciousness, which is just what I had hoped. I presented my business idea and received astute observations and suggestions to follow up on, and above all, I felt welcome and heard. I also enjoyed what the other members shared, with zero selling, and being of help in return.” (Nancy)

“So excited! I’ve been looking for an event like this forever, where we can meet new people and get clarity on the spot for our businesses. Simple, affordable, and for real!” (Alissa)

“It feels so good to feel able to relax and be my genuine self at a networking event!” (Elke)

“This was the best networking event I’ve ever been to!” (Kevin)

“The quality of this group is so far unusually high, and therefore “out-of-the-box” for a meetup. I feel comfortable bringing in some friends and colleagues and look forward to next time.” (Nancy)



About the organizer:

Carrie Osgood, a Rocky Mountain native, has extensive international, national and cross-cultural experience successfully connecting with vast markets. As an accomplished creative consultant and communications strategist, she cannot be confined to singular boxes, and as such, specializes in the personalized touch. She created Out of the Box Connections to help nurture, educate and inspire a supportive community of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs with broad-market challenges, perspectives and expertise. 

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