Facebook = FB = Frustrating Boxes

FB classifications-01

Setting up my personal public Facebook page to complement my private & business pages was one more giant reminder of how I’m not someone who can be confined to conventional boxes.

Apparently, after designating that your page is for a person, you must pick ONLY ONE option to describe who you are, what you do, and what you will be showing on your page.

I picked Entrepreneur because that was the only umbrella category that can encompass most of what I do. However, others who know me and have worked with me would also classify my professional offerings and proven accomplishments as any or all of the following (in alphabetical order): Artist, Blogger, Business Person, Coach, Designer, Journalist, Photographer, Producer, Teacher & Writer.

Those who knew me way back when also remember me as a Director and Musician. I’m still a “Director” outside of traditional entertainment as a Creative Director, Design Director, Art Director & Editorial Director. I’m also working toward becoming a published Author and inspirational Public Figure.

So with all of those boxes I’d already like to be able to check off, what happens if I take a closer look at the remaining categories. While I don’t consider myself as any of the following in any type of official, professional capacity, is there a way for me to still be any of these as well?

• Actor: No thank you. But as I mentioned, my undergraduate degree was in Directing theater and film. I’m also a trained public speaker, and was the lead in my high school musical way back in the day.
Athlete: Obviously I’m not a professional, nor am I competitive with a super hard body, but I do exercise and try to take care of myself.
• Chef: I’m able to cook, but it’s not fun for me so I leave it to others who make my life much tastier.
Comedian: Not specifically, although I’ve been fortunate to be able to watch people laugh out loud when reading some of my writing.
• Dancer: Occasionally – mostly when I’m home alone and no one is watching.
• Entertainer: While much of my work can entertain, that is not my primary intention.
Fictional Character: When I was in elementary school, some kids were scared of me because they feared I had psychic powers like Stephen King’s “Carrie.” Several people also liked to call me “Carrie Bradshaw” from Sex and the City during my 16-year stint living and working in NYC, especially when I wrote about her in a well-received column that discussed relationships in popular TV shows and then years later when I lived just a couple blocks away from her apartment on Perry Street in the West Village.
• Government Official: Whew! Glad there’s at least one I’m thrilled to say I’m definitely not!
Movie Character: See “Fictional Character” – and add that the first other Carrie I ever knew existed was Princess Leia in the Star Wars closing credits.
News Personality: I’m not, but I have had clients who are.
Pet: When I’m with the right man – Sorry 😉
Politician: Whew x 2! (see Government Official) – Granted, I did spend the first chunk of my career immersed in corporate politics, and I was an election data specialist at the Associated Press, fluent in political speak like delegate math, voter demographics and the electoral college.
• Scientist: Well, my design degree was a Master of SCIENCE, and I’ve participated in STEM/STEAM events (Science, Technology, Engineering, [Arts] & Math).

So with that, I’ve found a way to be almost all of the 27/29 categories Facebook considers to be separate disconnected entities. Fortunately, being out of the box can turn frustration into some fun.


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