Out of the Box Connections


Welcome to our community!

Out of the Box Connections brings together an eclectic medley of worldly individuals who thrive when venturing out of conventional boxes.

With the goal to nurture, educate and inspire, this website features a blog of original content created by our founder, Carrie Osgood, a creative consultant, communications strategist and internationally-recognized creative Jacqueline of many trades. Throughout her accomplished career and non-traditional life, she has never been able to be confined to singular boxes, and as such, she specializes in the personalized touch.

Wherever you may be in the world, you are welcome to contribute to our online community, from submitting ideas and proposing content, to connecting with us on social media. For those of you in Colorado, please join our local community that provides support to professionals who conduct and attract business beyond conventional borders and strive for excellence at the highest level.

We as a community are not defined by rigid classifications, borders, barriers and conformist behaviors. So please help us join forces to remove the all-too prevalent, detrimental disconnect that permeates our society and to come together to cultivate meaningful, impactful connections.

Our manifesto + desires for change + who we are:





Community Definitions:

“Out of the Box”
• fresh perspective; non-conformal, unconventional
• off the shelf; ready to customize & personalize
• creative, innovative, unusual, exceptional, distinctive
• beyond borders; cross-cultural

• relationships between people who help support one another

• feeling an affinity with, relating to & content with others, one’s environment & oneself

• a lack of communication
• a failure of understanding
• withdrawn into one’s private world
• a discrepancy; lack of connection
• lacking a logical sequence; incoherent


please join us if you…

… prefer to pave your own path & float to your own boat
… are fueled by a passion for helping, supporting and inspiring others
… feel most free when liberated from societal constraints and toxic behavior
… embrace multiculturalism and are open-minded about alternative points of view
… love exploring the world’s gorgeous spectrum of many colors (incl. cultures, nature & art)
… have aspects of your life that are unconventional or non-traditional
… thrive when venturing out of the box!

this community is NOT for you if you…

… follow herds
… keep up with the Joneses
… prefer to contort the world into only black or white
… conform blindly and prefer a cookie-cutter approach to life
… inconsiderately project yourself and your rigid views onto others
… feel most comfortable leading a simple life in a contained little box
… self-segregate with fear, loathing & condemnation toward others who are not exactly like you